Tripmastaz is one of Russia’s finest exports to an underground house/techno scene. DJ/Producer originally hailing from the Detroit of Russia - industrial and grimey Chelyabinsk. Trip has devoted his life to electronic music since his early childhood. This led to first musical experiments at the age of fourteen and a professional DJ career since '99. Through numerous local gigs, parties and residencies he developed his sound into a non-classifiable style on its own which gained attention outside of his motherland. Been known for a lot of people as a fine producer, Andrei’s DJ career started even earlier. In his words: “I haven’t had a normal day job in my life.” Tripmastaz DJ style is an extension of his producer music philosophy – Quest for interesting sounding and non-typical grooves and moods, yet keeping it freaky, funky,raw and original. For all these years he never stops in digging for old and rare records. Tripmastaz is a versatile artist who likes to produce various styles of music, going from hip-hop instrumentals and dub to deeper minimal cuts and old-school Chicago house rhythms and steaming techno. For this to be more fun, he undergoes numerous aliases like Basement Kid, Trackmaster Dre, Pesto Borsh or Rare Two Inc alongside DJ Sneak Andrei's unique production style found home for his music from giants like Cocoon, Ovum, Cadenza, Hot Trax, Rawthentic to underground imprints like Yoyaku, Bass Culture, Nervmusic, Howl! and his own vinyl only Tripmastaz label. Recently, his endless flow of energy materialised in him founding a new vinyl label – call_lab - inviting Satoshi Tomiie, Alexkid, Cesar Merveille, Howl Ensemble,to collaborate in the studio.

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