Sepp aka Teo, nascut si crescut pe litoralul romanesc al Marii Negre, a avut primul contact cu muzica electronica in 2005, cand a ascultat pentru prima data diferiti artisti de la Cocoon Cocoon. DIn acel moment a devenit pasionat de sunetele techno. Dupa 3 ani, timp in care a fost rezidentul clubului LaMania, a decis ca este timpul pentru productie. Piesele sale sunt interpretate in mod regulat de Rhadoo, Cezar, Raresh, Petre Inspirescu, Paul Agripa, Cristi Cons, Priku, Mihigh, Matei Tulbure, Nu Zau si multi altii
Sepp has been on the radar for quite a while now and recently things have taken flight for him. After touring extensively these past few years and getting accustomed to many cultures, he has grown and matured his sound both as a producer and a dancefloor conductor. Verging on releasing his first album on UVAR, the label he manages with fellow colleague Nu Zau, he’s also started out his own project, Catren, a lyrical inspired platform that aspires to a more organic and subtle sound than what we’ve come to know and love about him. As he moves forward and continues to delight and surprise people all around the world with his flair and precision mixing, Sepp is a name you will certainly come to hear more of in the future.
  • Aug.28.17

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