Matei Tulbure este un DJ nascut in Bucuresti, jumatate din proiectul TC Studio, infiintat in 2010 cu Traian Chereches. Selectia muzicala a lui Tulbure variaza de la house la techno si orice se afla intre. Pe masura ce asculti seturile sale, vei descoperi o paleta muzicala larga, cu tranzitii subtile de la o stare la alta. Il poti gasi in locuri precum Sunwaves,Guest House, arma17, CDV, resolute NY, si lista continua...
Matei Tulbure is a Bucharest born DJ, one half of TC Studio project, which was started in 2010 with Traian Chereches. Sublime, yet engaging, Tulbure's musical selection goes through a smooth journey of alternating moods. As you will listen to his sets, driven by a wide variety of sounds, stretching from house to techno and beyond, the resulting soundscapes will blend with the mental images that your imagination provides in a fashion similar to his flawless transitions from one song to another. His grooves have been heard all over the place, from Sunwaves to arma17, CDV, resolute NY to name a few.. Apart from his TC Studio releases, you can also find his solo work on labels such as Pressure Traxx, Archipel and Body Parts.

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